Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home Made Vegetable Curry with rice

Today, I made a vegetable curry easy dish with rice. It is very easy and delicious. I encourage every one to cook this dish. It only takes 30mins.

Here's my ingredients: 

☆1/2 Yellow Onion
☆1 Carrot 
☆1 Potato 
☆1/2 tbsp Salt 
☆1/2 golden curry mid-spicy

☆Cut Carrot and Potato to pieces
☆Place Potato into fresh cool water for 3-4mins,then pour away the water.
☆Cut 1/2 onion to slices.
☆Turn on your heat to high level, then add 1 tbsp vegetable oil to your pan.
☆Put onion fried for 3-4 mins.
☆Add carrot and potato, fried for 5mins, and cover the pan. change heat level to medium.
☆Use boiled water 1/3 cup, melt 1/2 golden curry bar.
☆Slowly add curry sauce to your pan, and make it cover your ingradients.
☆Cover the pan, and heat for 10-15mins with mid-low level.

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