Monday, April 15, 2013

Home Made Braised Prawns

♥ My prayers go out to all those injured in Boston Marathon ♥

Today, I made Braised Prawns, which is a famous Chinese cuisine. Braised Prawns is a popular dish in  Chinese family. I remember my grandfather used to cook it when I was little. It is so delicious and very easy to make. Most people like shrimp without shells. However, when we cook braised prawns, it is better for us to use prawns with shells. Because shell has organic fiber and calcium, it will protect nutrition during fried. Anyway, It is an optional. You can still use shelled prawn,which is perfectly fine.

☆ 1 lb prawns, deveined ☆
☆ 2 tsp white wine 
☆ 2 tsp vegetable oil 
☆ 3 cloves minced garlic 
☆ 1/2 green minced green onion 
☆ 2 tsp sugar 
☆ 1 tsp salt 
☆ 1 tsp soy source 
Cook Steps: 
☆ Play prawns in a bowl 
☆ Add white wine, minced garlic to the bowl 
☆ Marinated for  5-8mins 
☆ Heat pan for 1mins 
☆ Add vegetable oil to the pan and heat it for 30s 
☆ Add green onion, and fried 30s 
☆ Put prawns in the pan and quick fried until shell change its color, then cover the pan 
☆ Braised prawns for 1-2 mins (when you see shell complete change color to red)
☆ Add sugar, soy source and salt 
☆ Fried them all together 
☆ Place in a dish. It's done!  


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