Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Made - Kitchen may close from June to July.

It has been a while since my last post.  The past few days have been hectic. I was too busy to cook. Because my lease is expiring, I am looking for a new place to move in. Now,  I am packing up my stuffs and clearing things. I didn't realize that I had so many things in my storage until I opened it last week. I decide to donate some of my clothes to GoodWill...

Goodwill, it reminds me a lady whom I met in middle of the town. Her name is R. We were waiting a bus on a Tuesday morning when we started talking with each other. R told me she got a black jacket from GoodWill for an interview. I had never been to GoodWill before I met R. She told me that GoodWill is a place that people can buy good quality things with low prices. I researched the company immediately. I learned that GoodWill is in a good business model. It collects and sales the donated stuffs to the people who need them in a reasonable price. I think GoodWill is really benefit to both of donator and buyer. For me, I don't need to straggle between keep and throw away my goods. I can always choose to donate them. Helping people to help self.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Home Made Buffalo Chicken Wings

I like spicy, crisp and hot buffalo chicken! A few years ago, I made a trip to eat real buffalo chicken wings. From there, I fell in love of this "hot chicken"wing. I know lots of restaurants serve buffalo chicken, but none of them is good enough to compare the one in Buffalo downtown. Even I claim that I am a healthy eater, I really love fried chicken, especially the wing with buffalo sauce.

Today, I made buffalo chicken by self. I bought chicken wings, hot sauce, sweet butter, and black pepper from super market. Here's ingredients I use:

☆  7 Chicken Wings
☆  1/4 tsp Black Pepper
☆  1/2 tsp Salt
☆  1/4 tsp Sweet Butter
☆  1/2 Cup of All Purpose Flour
☆  1/2 tsp White Wine
☆  1/4 tsp Curry Powder
☆  1/4 Small Cup of Hot Sauce
☆  1/4 tsp Paprika
☆  1/4 tsp Cayenne Pepper
☆  Vegetable Oil



☆ Use hot water boil chicken wings, wash them;
☆ Place wings into a bowl, then add white wine, black pepper, flour, salt and curry powder into bowl;
☆ Marinated for 60 mins;
☆ Put oil in to a none stick deep fried pan;
☆ Wait until oil temperature reach to high around 380F, slowly place chicken wing into the oil pan;
☆ Fried with high heat about 20mins until wing skin turns to golden color;
☆ Remove wings from oil pan, place on the top of a baking sheet;


☆ 1/4 sweet butter, melt it on a hot pan;
☆ Add 1/4 cup of hot sauce, blend with melted butter;
☆ Put 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper and paprika;
☆ You can also add 1/4 tbsp salt
☆ Place chicken wing into sauce pan, close the pan and shake it.
☆ Remove them out to a plate.