Saturday, April 6, 2013

Home Made Japanese Ramen with BBQ Pork

I love Japanese ramen. There are several ramen places in bay area. One of the popular places is Ramen dojo. It has a small place in San Mateo downtown. People often come early before restaurant open. Most customers have to wait at least 30mins to be seated.  Even I like Ramen, I don't want to wait half an hour. So, I bought Japanese Ramen and made it at home yesterday. It was very delicious and healthy. 

The most important part is soup. I bought 1/lb baby pork rib and stew them in my slow cooker for 3hours and then mixed with Miso soup. 

Here's the ingredients: 
☆ 1/2 Green Onion.
☆ 1/2 Package of Japanese Ramen (serve for 2)
☆ 1/lb Baby pork rib (cut into pieces) 
☆ 1 Boiled egg
☆ 1/3 Fish cake (cut to pieces)
☆ Black pepper
☆ 1/2 tbsp salt 
☆ 3 pieces of Garlic
☆ Corn

☆ Cut baby pork rib to pieces. Use boiled water wash twice, then place them into a bowl.
☆ Add 1 tbsp soy source and 1 tbsp ginger to the bowl and mix well. Marinate for 30mins. 
☆ Place rib in to slow cooker.
☆ Stew pork rib with 2 cup of water for 3hours. Use slow cooker with high level program.
☆ Separate of pork and soup, then mixed soup with Miso. 
☆ Boil mixture for 10mins. 


☆ Cook ramen in the other pan for 5mins. 
☆ Put them into soup. Add salt and black pepper.
☆ Add sliced egg and corn on the top.

BBQ Pork: 

☆ Heat another pan. Add 1 tbsp oil to the pan wait for 2mins.
☆ Add 1tbsp soy sauce, 1 tbsp sugar to the pan.
☆ Add stewed pork rib to the pan and fried them for 2 mins.
☆ Place on the top of your Ramen.

♡ It's done! ♡

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