Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maine Lobster Roll Night plus PSY's new song Gentleman music video

Saturday, a relaxing day. I was in Sam's Chowder House eating lobster roll. I don't know whether it has another place, which serve lobster roll in half moon bay. Sam's house is good enough for me. I saw thousands of people posted their views and pictures on yelp.I like the place not only because of delicious seafood, but also the nice seafront view. Maine lobster is expensive in California. There are not a lot of places serve fresh Maine lobster roll. I remember last year I ordered 2 lobster dishes in Maine restaurant with $24.99. Maybe next time I will buy a lobster and test-cook it by myself. 

Walked near beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset tonight. Back to home, I watched PSY's new music video "Gentle man" on Youtube. I am not surprised that it already has over 10 million views. I believe it will become a next "magic song"!! I made a link. If you are interested in "Gangnam style", you probably like Gentle Man.


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