Friday, April 12, 2013

Home Made Mr Right - an egg pancake wrap fried rice

Friday, friday, everybody celebrates friday... A week is ending!!! Woke up in the morning, I made a simple fried rice and wrapped it with egg pancake. I call it : Mr Right. Because I think it doesn't look right. Something was missing. Maybe I forgot to make ears.Anyway, it is a fast breakfast.

☆ Cooked White Rice ☆
☆ 2 Egg ☆
☆ 1/2 Cup of flour ☆
☆ 1tsp Honey ☆
☆ 1tsp Sugar ☆
☆ 1tbsp Vegetable oil ☆
☆ 1/2 Green onion

1st Step: Making fried rice :
☆ Blend 1st egg in a bowl 
☆ Heat the pan
☆ Add vegetable oil into the pan
☆ After oil gets hot, add 1/2 green onion
☆ Fried onion in 30 seconds, and add cooked rice to the pan
☆ Fried about 8-10mins
☆ Add salt and place them in a dish

2nd Step: Making egg pan: 
☆ Place 1/2 cup of flour in the bowl.
☆ Add 1 egg and mix well with flour.
☆ Add 1tsp honey and 1 tsp sugar into the mixture.
☆ Heat the other pan, and place mixture on the pan.
☆ Heat for 1 mins,then turn it to the other side and heat another 60 seconds.
☆ It's done. Wrap it with fried rice. 

I also made a cup of fresh mango juice with my new blender. "100% pure mango" I love it so much. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 

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