Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hiking at Big Basin Redwood State Park

A hiking day. I went to big basin redwoods state park. It is far from where I live. I drove on mountain road very careful. Because of narrow roads, I don't think I can drive back after sun goes down. The park is huge. It has several trails. Some of them are very long. Most of trails may take you more than 3 hours. So, loop around redwoods is good for family visitor.

Headquarters Parking Lot & Loop Trail

Parking is $10 per car. You will get a park map and note. Write down which trail you are going on the note,then leave it on your car before enter. Because the trail is so long, I kept map on the hand all the time. Indeed,I am afraid of losing my way.

Big basin also a great camp place. I saw some groups came with camping baggages. The park store has rental place where you can get camping equipments or sleeping bags before 4pm. All in all, it was my  "new weekend adventure". 

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