Thursday, April 11, 2013

Home Made Japanese Rice Ball

Today, I made Japanese Rice ball with avocado, beef, and pickled radish. I bought rice ball making model in Japan town. It is a plastic one, but the shape is great.

☆ Cooked rice ☆
☆ Avocado cut to small pieces
☆ Marinated and cooked beef cut to small pieces
☆ Pickled radish cut to small pieces
☆ Sesame and Bonito flakes

1. Cook rice use rice cooker.Menu choose "regular/sushi"
2. Mix cooked rice with 

☆ 1tbsp rice vinegar ☆
☆ 1tsp sugar ☆
☆ 1/2 tsp salt ☆

3. Place cooked rice inside of model and add small pieces of beef,avocado and radish in the middle. 
4. Use some rice cover on the top before squeeze the model.

☆ Cool rice down before you place it into plastic model ☆

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