Monday, June 9, 2014

Home Made Yaki Onigiri with Salmon Teriyaki

Home Made Yaki Onigiri, filling with teriyaki salmon

☆ Cooked Japanese Rice  (Sushi Rice)
☆ 1/2 tsp sugar
☆ 1/2 tsp Japanese sake 
☆ Fresh Salmon
☆ 1 tsp Nori komi furikake 
☆ Teriyaki sauce 
☆ 4 pieces of nori 
☆ Olive oil 
☆ Maple syrup 
☆ You may also need a rice ball mold and a brush 


☆ Use low heat to warm the pan, then add olive oil; 
☆ Place salmon on the pan, and grill it until the skin changes color (Grill both sides with low heat);

☆ Drop Teriyaki sauce, and grill one more minute;
☆ Turn the heat off, and place salmon on the cutting board.
☆ Slice teriyaki salmon into small pieces; 
☆ Add sugar and sake in the sushi rice, mix them with rice; 
☆ Making rice ball; Add some rice in the mold, then put salmon in the center, use some rice to cover on top, and push the mold to shape the rice;

☆ Use the other pan, warm the pan with low heat;
☆ Add olive oil, and place the rice balls on the pan, and grill them in 2-3 minutes;
☆ Turn balls to the other side, and grill in 2-3 minutes until the surfaces turn to yellow;

Use pan to grill rice balls 
☆ Brush maple syrup on both side, then heat for another 1-2 minutes;
☆ Turn the heat off when the surfaces change to golden brown;
☆ Place them on the nori (Roasted seaweed), and it's done! 

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Home Made Lamb Kabobs

Weather is too hot today. I made Xinjiang style lamb kabobs. The best thing in a hot summer night is having lamb kabobs and cold beers! Happy summer!

I brought a lamb leg from Safeway, and cut the lamb leg into small square pieces. After it, put the meat in a bowl, add 1/2cup white wine, pepper, salt, cumin spice, white pepper powder, Five spice powder (You still need these spices when you bake the lamb). Then cover the bowl with plastic wraps, marinate the meat for 15mins.  

☆ Loosely thread 6 to 7 pieces of lamb on skewers

☆ Place the lamb skewers on foil and bake in 320F it for 10mins, then turn the skewers, and bake another 10mins until the lamb become medium rare. 
☆ Turn skewers 2 or 3 times, meanwhile brush with olive oil, and add cumin spice and salt. It all depends on how strong flavor you like. 
☆ Bake another 15mins and get the well-done lamb kabobs! 

Enjoy the hot day with lamb kabobs and cold beers. Cheers!!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Home Made Sweet and Sour Chicken

Sweet and Sour Chicken is a popular Chinese dish. Almost everyone likes it.  Yesterday, I cooked the dish, and got an outstanding result. The food was very delicious. Therefore, I am here to share the cooking steps. I am sure you can do it at home too.

Home Made Sweet and Sour Chicken


☆ Chicken Thighs;
☆ Flour; 
☆ 1 Large Egg;
☆ Corn Oil; 
☆ Sweet and Sour sauce; 
☆ Salt (Optional) 
☆ 1 Red Pepper and 1 Green Pepper.   
☆ Yellow Onion or white onion(Optional)


☆ Cut the chicken thighs into mid-small pieces;

☆ Dip the chicken into beaten egg;
☆ Pick chicken pieces out and dredge the chicken thighs in flour;
☆  Fry chicken thighs for 5-7mins until the skin turns golden color;
 ☆ Sweet and sour sauce 120g, nearly half a small bottle of the sauce; (I used the Lee Kum Kee sauce, which you can find in many Chinese groceries. Safeway may carry it too.)
  ☆ Cut pepper into square pieces;
  ☆ Drop 1/2tbsp oil into pan,  then add pepper and fried it firs in 2-3mins;
       (If you like, add onion before putting pepper into the pan);
  ☆ Add fried chicken and sauce;
  ☆ Stir-fry the all ingredients with sauce;
  ☆ Turn off the heat, and place them.

♥︎ Eat Healthy, Eat Happy ! ♥︎ Hope you like it ♥︎

Monday, February 24, 2014

Home Made Tomato Spaghetti

Today, I made tomato spaghetti for dinner. Here are the ingredients:

☆ 1 Tomato
☆ 1 Pack garlic
☆ 1 Sausage (or ground beef)
☆ 1/4 Butter
☆ 1/3 can tomato paste  (I used ketchup instead of tomato paste)
☆ Cheese
☆ Salt
☆ 1/2 Pack of spaghetti

☆ Melt butter in a heated pan
☆ Add chopped garlic in the pan, stirring
☆ Add sausage and tomato, stirring and mixing them well
☆ Add ketchup, stirring again, cook for 2-3mins
☆ Put boiled spaghetti in the pan, stirring with 2 spatulas
☆ Add cheese on the top,then turn the heat off
☆ It's done

  ⚑ Eat Healthy, Eat Happy ! ⚑

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Home Made Shanghai Vegetable Rice

Today, I made Shanghai Vegetable Rice for dinner. It is the a traditional shanghai dish that you can find in every Shanghai restaurant.

Here are the ingredients:
☆ 1 Pack of sausage
☆ Choy (Chinese cabbage, approximately 0.6 lb);
☆ Cooked white rice (serve for 2-3);
☆ Salt
☆ 1 Green onion;
☆ Oliver oil;

☆ Cut sausage into small square pieces;

☆ Chop choy, throw the root;

☆ Slice green onion into pieces;
☆ Turn on the heat and warm the pan;
☆ Add 2tbsp oil and pieces onion in the pan, sauté them;
☆ Add choy and sausage, sauté them;
☆ Add over-night cooked white rice, stirring them;
☆ Cover the pan, lower the heat to medium, cook for 4-5mins;
☆ Take cover away, and stirring the mixture rice;
☆ Put the cooked rice into a clay pot, and cook it with medium heat for 5mins;

☆ Turn off the heat. It is ready to serve;

♥ Eat Happy Eat Healthy !! ♥

Monday, February 10, 2014

Home Made Butter Chicken

Home Made Butter Chicken

Today, I decide to make butter chicken because it is easy to cook. I have not cooked any Indian food before, so it is better to start with a simple dish. I bought a "ready to cook" butter chicken sauce from a local Indian grocery store. Beside the sauce, you also need heavy whipping cream , onion, chicken, tomato sauce to cook this dish.

☆ 100ml heavy whipping cream
☆ Oliver oil
☆ 1/4 white onion
☆ 1/2 pack of chicken breast 
☆ Hot water 
☆ Tomato sauce 

☆ Cut the chicken breast into pieces and slice the onion; 
☆ Put mixed sauce in a bowl and pour into hot water;
☆ Blend the sauce;
☆ Heat the wok and add oliver oil; 
☆ Put onion into the wok, sauté until you smell the onion; 
☆ Add chicken. Cook them until it starts white-brown, stirring constantly;

☆ Add water-mixed sauce into the wok;
☆ Cook over middle heat for 5mins;
☆ Add 100ml heavy whipping cream and 25ml tomato sauce (To control calorie, I didn't add extra butter);
☆ Cook for another 20mins;
☆ It's ready to serve. 
      ♥ Eat Happy ! Eat Healthy ! ♥

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Home Made Garlic Spinach

Today, I made garlic spinach. It is easy to cook, so everyone can try it at home.

Here are the ingredients:
✩ A bunch of spinach
✩ 1 pack of garlic 
✩ Salt
✩ 1/4 tsp sugar
✩ 1 or 2 slices ginger 
✩ Oliver oil


✩ Clean spinach in cold water 3 to 4 times;
✩ Cut the spinach into short pieces;

✩ Cut garlic into pieces, put them into a small bowl;
One pack of peeled garlic 
 First fry the sliced garlic 

✩ Heat the cooking pan before put oliver oil in it;
✩ Add oliver oil in the pan ( you can control how much you like to add. I usually put 3-4 tbsp);
✩ Add sliced garlic to the pan and fry them about 1-2mins;
✩ Then filled the pan with spinach, and stirring them until the pieces are incorporated;
✩ Add 1 tbsp salt, stirring rapidly; 
✩ Place them on the plate,and then serve. 

♥ Eat Happy ! Eat Healthy ! ♥

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Home Made Crispy Chicken Tender

Chinese new year is coming this friday. Most Chinese families will cook dumpling at new year eve. It is the traditional dish to celebrate the new year. I wish my friends and family a happy new year.

Today, I cooked crispy chicken tender. 

Here are the ingredients:

☆ Chicken thighs
☆ All purpose flour
☆ Corn oil 
☆ 1 Egg 
☆ Japanese style bread crumbs 

Cook steps:
☆ Beat egg in a medium bowl until blended
☆ Quickly dredge both sides of the chicken thighs into flour
☆ Then put them in the egg bowl, dredge both sides
☆ Final dredge bread crumbs 

☆ Heat corn oil
☆ Fry the chicken thigh about 10mins until the skin becomes golden yellow
☆ Take chicken out and dry them about 2-3mins 
☆ Place them in a plate and it's done

♡ Eat Healthy! Eat Happy! ♡
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Home Made Salmon Teriyaki

Today I made salmon teriyaki for dinner. It is tasty!

Here are the ingredients:

☆ Two pieces of salmon
☆ 1 tbsp Soy source
☆ Salt
☆ Oliver oil
☆ Black pepper
☆ 4 tbsp Marinade teriyaki source
☆ 2 tbsp White wine

☆ Use 2 tbsp white wine and 1tbsp soy source marinade salmon about 10-15mins
☆ Put black pepper and salt on both side of the salmon
☆ Turn on the heat, then put pan on the heat and add oliver oil 
☆ Lay the salmon on the pan, then fry until one side changes color 
☆ Turn the salmon to the other side and fry for about two minutes
☆ Add teriyaki source
☆ Cover the pan and wait it boil
☆ Turn salmon to the other side and add the other half of teriyaki source
☆ Cook 2-3mins, then take the cover off continue heating until the source gets thick and sticky
☆ Turn off the heat and place well-cooked salmon on the plate 

Katherine's Kitchen

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese Cabbage Hot Pot

In Northern China, people like to eat hot pot. Chinese proverb says "白菜豆腐保平安” , which means the people who eat napa cabbage and tofu will have a health life. For that reason, last night I cooked a Chinese cabbage hot pot with firm tofu and rice noodle. 

☆ Peel napa cabbage leaves and Wash them in warm water.

☆ Cut the cabbage leaves in to pieces without any roots.
☆ Cut tofu into small square or rectangle pieces.
☆ Immerse tofu pieces into cold salty water
☆ Immerse rice noodle with hot water about 1-2 mins.
☆ Take tofu and rice noodles out of the water. Put three ingredients into pot.
☆ Add hot water in the pot to cover ingredients.
☆ Heat the pot about 10 mins.
☆ Add 1tbsp salt, 1/2tbsp sesame oil, several drop of vinegar.
☆ Use low level to heat the pot about 15mins, then it's done.

It is the way Chinese people used to cook, but nowadays I don't see anyone cook like this anymore. People prefer strong flavor now.

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