Monday, June 9, 2014

Home Made Yaki Onigiri with Salmon Teriyaki

Home Made Yaki Onigiri, filling with teriyaki salmon

☆ Cooked Japanese Rice  (Sushi Rice)
☆ 1/2 tsp sugar
☆ 1/2 tsp Japanese sake 
☆ Fresh Salmon
☆ 1 tsp Nori komi furikake 
☆ Teriyaki sauce 
☆ 4 pieces of nori 
☆ Olive oil 
☆ Maple syrup 
☆ You may also need a rice ball mold and a brush 


☆ Use low heat to warm the pan, then add olive oil; 
☆ Place salmon on the pan, and grill it until the skin changes color (Grill both sides with low heat);

☆ Drop Teriyaki sauce, and grill one more minute;
☆ Turn the heat off, and place salmon on the cutting board.
☆ Slice teriyaki salmon into small pieces; 
☆ Add sugar and sake in the sushi rice, mix them with rice; 
☆ Making rice ball; Add some rice in the mold, then put salmon in the center, use some rice to cover on top, and push the mold to shape the rice;

☆ Use the other pan, warm the pan with low heat;
☆ Add olive oil, and place the rice balls on the pan, and grill them in 2-3 minutes;
☆ Turn balls to the other side, and grill in 2-3 minutes until the surfaces turn to yellow;

Use pan to grill rice balls 
☆ Brush maple syrup on both side, then heat for another 1-2 minutes;
☆ Turn the heat off when the surfaces change to golden brown;
☆ Place them on the nori (Roasted seaweed), and it's done! 

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