Friday, March 29, 2013

Home Made Japanese Fried Chicken

1. Chicken breast 200g + 1tbsp soy source + 1/2 tbsp ginger source + 1/2 tbsp white wine. 
2. Flour 100g + water 100ml mix together.

Cut chicken breast to pieces, and place them in a bowl. Add soy source and ginger source to the bowl and mix chicken with sources. After it, add white wine, and marinate for 30mins. 

Wrap marinated chicken with mixed flour, then put them into oil and deep fry for 30-60sec. Take them out when the exterior turns to golden yellow. Place them to your dish. 

Making fried chicken is easier than I thought. I bought the chicken fried flour from Nijiya japanese market. The chicken flour is kind of salty. I don't recommend it if you have soy source in your recipe. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chocolate night

Two weeks ago@ San francisco Dandelion chocolate night.Everyone had the chance to taste cocoa beans and different flavor of chocolates. Last year, our team worked on Godiva chocolate case.We recorded chocolate making process in Ghirardelli chocolate factory. Next time, I wish I could make chocolate in Danelion chocolate factory.

About Dandelion
Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory started by Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring in 2010. Previously, Todd and Cam founded the internet company Plaxo, which they sold to Comcast in 2008. Dandelion is one of the few small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate makers in America. They source cocoa beans directly and make finished chocolate from the bean, rather than molding and working with already finished chocolate. Visit their factory and cafe at 740 Valencia Street, and follow @dandelionchoco on Twitter for events and updates.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Made little bear cookies tonight

It took me 1 hour to make the bear cookies. I used 25g sweet cream butter, 25g powder sugar, and 100g all purpose flour. The cookies were done very well this time. Here are all the steps: First mix butter and sugar in a bowl,then add 100g flour little by little. Blend them back and forth. The flour and butter may not combine well at beginning. If it happens,you need to leave the mixture alone for 15mins until they stick together. After that, roll out the blend until flat. Use cookie cutter to make cookie shape. Put into roaster with 325f for 15mins.

My first little bear cookies were done. -----> Easy & Fun ~~

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini cupcake -my first "home run"

What is your hobbit? It always a great question for me. I usually answered hiking and music. But now, I want to add one - Baking. Maybe because I don't have too much to do during the day, I discover  a youtube channel -Happy Cooking

Most of the baking recipes I learned from her youtube videos. Buying all the baking stuffs could be a "big" investment. I brought measure cup, baking pan, Eat smart and measuring spoons from amazon. Baking flour, powder, whipping cream etc from local safeway.

If you are first time baker, try to make base cake first. For me, it is easy to start. I used: 

This recipe works as well as displayed by Ochikeron-san.
( If you don't have whipping cream, you can use milk and butter instead)
My cupcake tasted good. I didn't use cream to decorate it  (whipping cream mix with fresh fruit such like strawberry, draw on the top) because I want to reduce cake's calories . If you want to make lemon cupcake or chocolate cupcake, put lemon peel or cocoa powder into flour before final blend.

Home made cupcake. Easily control sugar and cream ~ Keep healthy life~ 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New blog

Open a new blog. Start to write beautiful things on here.