Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Home Made Chinese Dumpling

Home Made Dumpling (Before Boil)

Thank you for reading my post. Today, I made dumpling for dinner. It took me 2 hours to get things done. Here's the lovely dumpling before boil.

☆2 Cup of All Purpose Flour.
☆1 Spring Green Onion.

Half of all:
☆1/2 Cabbage.
☆1/2 Cup of Cold Water.
☆1/2 lb Ground Pork Meat
☆1/2 tbsp White Wine
☆1/2 tbsp Soy Source
☆1 tbsp salt
☆1/4 pepper

☆Chop cabbage.
☆Put Ground pork and Chopped cabbage together in a bowl.
☆Add White Wine and Soy Source.
☆Cut Green Onion and put the pieces in bowl.
☆Add salt and pepper, mix them well.

☆Make the Dough. It is similar as make a Pizza Dough, but without put dry yeast.
☆Aside the Dough,and wait 40 mins until the Dumpling Dough "awake".
☆Cut the Dough to strip line, then cut them to piece. (Size more like a cotton candy)
☆Use rolling pin roll the "cotton candy" to flat.

Time for Make Dumpling:
☆Use chopstick take filling to fit the "flat candy" skin.
☆Wrap the filling as a "sachet".
☆Put dumpling into boiling water. With 3 boil method (add 3times cold water during boiling).
☆When the dumpling head above water (about 20-30mins), close the heat and transfer dumpling to a plate.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Home Made Shrimp Sweet Fried Rice

Today I made a Shrimp Sweet Fried Rice for dinner. I used 1tbsp Ketchup mixed with 2tbsp water as source, and drop it after all the ingredients have been well cooked. I want to say it wasn't a bad idea. The "Ketchup" fried rice tasted good. I posted some fried rice photos on blog before. I think fried rice is easy for everyone to cook, so I decide to make "Dumpling" tomorrow!!♡Starting prepare my next "project".♡ Miss you all, my friends :)