Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Home Made California Sushi Roll

I am sure you can find lots of sushi recipes on internet. Even Sushi is easy to make, you need to have fresh ingredients and high quality of white rice. Cook California roll took me about 1.5 hour. If you already have cooked rice, you may only need 20-30mins to finish it.


☆ Use rice-cooker cook 1.5cup of rice.

☆ Add 2tbsp rice vinegar, 2tsp sugar, 2/3 tsp salt to rice, and combine them.

☆ Peel 1 avocado and cut it into strips.

☆ Cover bamboo sushi roll mat with plastic wrap. It is important step. Because the rice is too sticky, it may hard to roll them without wrap the bamboo sushi roll.

☆ Spread sushi rice on nori sheet using your finger tips. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the sushi rice and turn it over. Make nori sheet face to you.

☆ Place avocado and imitation crab sticks lengthwise on the nori sheet.

☆ Roll the bamboo mat forward, and hold the line of ingredients firmly.Make sure all the ingredients are in the roll.

☆ Use plastic wrap cover sushi roll

☆ Use a moistened knife cut roll to 6 pieces. (Regular knife also fine,but need cut with speed)

☆ Place them to plate, and ready to serve.

Eat Healthy! Eat Happy!

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