Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Home Made Crispy Chicken Tender

Chinese new year is coming this friday. Most Chinese families will cook dumpling at new year eve. It is the traditional dish to celebrate the new year. I wish my friends and family a happy new year.

Today, I cooked crispy chicken tender. 

Here are the ingredients:

☆ Chicken thighs
☆ All purpose flour
☆ Corn oil 
☆ 1 Egg 
☆ Japanese style bread crumbs 

Cook steps:
☆ Beat egg in a medium bowl until blended
☆ Quickly dredge both sides of the chicken thighs into flour
☆ Then put them in the egg bowl, dredge both sides
☆ Final dredge bread crumbs 

☆ Heat corn oil
☆ Fry the chicken thigh about 10mins until the skin becomes golden yellow
☆ Take chicken out and dry them about 2-3mins 
☆ Place them in a plate and it's done

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Home Made Salmon Teriyaki

Today I made salmon teriyaki for dinner. It is tasty!

Here are the ingredients:

☆ Two pieces of salmon
☆ 1 tbsp Soy source
☆ Salt
☆ Oliver oil
☆ Black pepper
☆ 4 tbsp Marinade teriyaki source
☆ 2 tbsp White wine

☆ Use 2 tbsp white wine and 1tbsp soy source marinade salmon about 10-15mins
☆ Put black pepper and salt on both side of the salmon
☆ Turn on the heat, then put pan on the heat and add oliver oil 
☆ Lay the salmon on the pan, then fry until one side changes color 
☆ Turn the salmon to the other side and fry for about two minutes
☆ Add teriyaki source
☆ Cover the pan and wait it boil
☆ Turn salmon to the other side and add the other half of teriyaki source
☆ Cook 2-3mins, then take the cover off continue heating until the source gets thick and sticky
☆ Turn off the heat and place well-cooked salmon on the plate 

Katherine's Kitchen

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese Cabbage Hot Pot

In Northern China, people like to eat hot pot. Chinese proverb says "白菜豆腐保平安” , which means the people who eat napa cabbage and tofu will have a health life. For that reason, last night I cooked a Chinese cabbage hot pot with firm tofu and rice noodle. 

☆ Peel napa cabbage leaves and Wash them in warm water.

☆ Cut the cabbage leaves in to pieces without any roots.
☆ Cut tofu into small square or rectangle pieces.
☆ Immerse tofu pieces into cold salty water
☆ Immerse rice noodle with hot water about 1-2 mins.
☆ Take tofu and rice noodles out of the water. Put three ingredients into pot.
☆ Add hot water in the pot to cover ingredients.
☆ Heat the pot about 10 mins.
☆ Add 1tbsp salt, 1/2tbsp sesame oil, several drop of vinegar.
☆ Use low level to heat the pot about 15mins, then it's done.

It is the way Chinese people used to cook, but nowadays I don't see anyone cook like this anymore. People prefer strong flavor now.

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Katherine's Kitchen