Monday, January 27, 2014

Home Made Salmon Teriyaki

Today I made salmon teriyaki for dinner. It is tasty!

Here are the ingredients:

☆ Two pieces of salmon
☆ 1 tbsp Soy source
☆ Salt
☆ Oliver oil
☆ Black pepper
☆ 4 tbsp Marinade teriyaki source
☆ 2 tbsp White wine

☆ Use 2 tbsp white wine and 1tbsp soy source marinade salmon about 10-15mins
☆ Put black pepper and salt on both side of the salmon
☆ Turn on the heat, then put pan on the heat and add oliver oil 
☆ Lay the salmon on the pan, then fry until one side changes color 
☆ Turn the salmon to the other side and fry for about two minutes
☆ Add teriyaki source
☆ Cover the pan and wait it boil
☆ Turn salmon to the other side and add the other half of teriyaki source
☆ Cook 2-3mins, then take the cover off continue heating until the source gets thick and sticky
☆ Turn off the heat and place well-cooked salmon on the plate 

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