Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese Cabbage Hot Pot

In Northern China, people like to eat hot pot. Chinese proverb says "白菜豆腐保平安” , which means the people who eat napa cabbage and tofu will have a health life. For that reason, last night I cooked a Chinese cabbage hot pot with firm tofu and rice noodle. 

☆ Peel napa cabbage leaves and Wash them in warm water.

☆ Cut the cabbage leaves in to pieces without any roots.
☆ Cut tofu into small square or rectangle pieces.
☆ Immerse tofu pieces into cold salty water
☆ Immerse rice noodle with hot water about 1-2 mins.
☆ Take tofu and rice noodles out of the water. Put three ingredients into pot.
☆ Add hot water in the pot to cover ingredients.
☆ Heat the pot about 10 mins.
☆ Add 1tbsp salt, 1/2tbsp sesame oil, several drop of vinegar.
☆ Use low level to heat the pot about 15mins, then it's done.

It is the way Chinese people used to cook, but nowadays I don't see anyone cook like this anymore. People prefer strong flavor now.

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