Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Home Made Shanghai Vegetable Rice

Today, I made Shanghai Vegetable Rice for dinner. It is the a traditional shanghai dish that you can find in every Shanghai restaurant.

Here are the ingredients:
☆ 1 Pack of sausage
☆ Choy (Chinese cabbage, approximately 0.6 lb);
☆ Cooked white rice (serve for 2-3);
☆ Salt
☆ 1 Green onion;
☆ Oliver oil;

☆ Cut sausage into small square pieces;

☆ Chop choy, throw the root;

☆ Slice green onion into pieces;
☆ Turn on the heat and warm the pan;
☆ Add 2tbsp oil and pieces onion in the pan, sauté them;
☆ Add choy and sausage, sauté them;
☆ Add over-night cooked white rice, stirring them;
☆ Cover the pan, lower the heat to medium, cook for 4-5mins;
☆ Take cover away, and stirring the mixture rice;
☆ Put the cooked rice into a clay pot, and cook it with medium heat for 5mins;

☆ Turn off the heat. It is ready to serve;

♥ Eat Happy Eat Healthy !! ♥

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