Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home Made Breakfast Egg Roll

I made the egg roll for today's breakfast. I want to share the receipt now. It is easy to cook. I believe everyone can make it at home. 

☆ 3 Eggs
☆ 1/4 carrot
☆ 80ml Milk
☆ 1/2 Green Onion
☆ 1tsp Salt
☆ 1/4 Yellow Onion
☆ Black or White Pepper

☆ Break 3 eggs in a bowl
☆ Add milk and salt to the bowl
☆ Whisk until combined
☆ Pass the mixed ingredients though a fine sieve in order to remove the chalaza
☆ Cut carrot and yellow onion into pieces add them into the bowl
☆ Add them into the bowl and mix well.
☆ Heat the frying pan. When the pan is getting hot, add oliver oil
☆ Place half of the mixture to the pan and cook with low heat
☆ Cook until half done, then roll over it to half way from the middle
☆ Add 1/2 rest of the mixture into the pan (Place in the un-rolling side)
☆ Cook until half well done, and roll it again.
☆ Add rest of mixture again, roll over
☆ Place the egg roll in a plate, cut it into pieces

❤ Eat healthy ! Eat happy ! ❤

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