Friday, March 29, 2013

Home Made Japanese Fried Chicken

1. Chicken breast 200g + 1tbsp soy source + 1/2 tbsp ginger source + 1/2 tbsp white wine. 
2. Flour 100g + water 100ml mix together.

Cut chicken breast to pieces, and place them in a bowl. Add soy source and ginger source to the bowl and mix chicken with sources. After it, add white wine, and marinate for 30mins. 

Wrap marinated chicken with mixed flour, then put them into oil and deep fry for 30-60sec. Take them out when the exterior turns to golden yellow. Place them to your dish. 

Making fried chicken is easier than I thought. I bought the chicken fried flour from Nijiya japanese market. The chicken flour is kind of salty. I don't recommend it if you have soy source in your recipe. 

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